Are You Aware of These Illicit SEO Practices?

Posted in Uncategorized by Sushant on September 8, 2008

Considering the widespread growth of search engine optimization and search engine marketing, search engines like Google are growing smarter with their search business. They are coming up with improved strategies to weed out the spammers and making search results more relevant than ever before.

However, the search engines take their search business seriously and take every mean to put the websites through a sieve to separate the ones that are using techniques not satisfying the search engine norms. Search engines never compromise with the malicious websites and Google can penalize them considering their level of offense. As the success of any online business depends on the website, it can be said that the techniques of search engine optimization can literally build or break the business. Hence, the online marketers should be aware of the techniques that the providers SEO services are using before selecting one for the promotion of their own business.

Here are some of the commonly used black-hat techniques:

Keyword stuffing: Over use of keywords on a page or in the parts of HTML code to get high ranking is search engine result pages.
Spamdexing: The techniques used to manipulate the significance of the resources indexed by search engines.
Invisible Text: The process of manipulating keyword density for search engines by using same color for the font and background.
Cloaking: The process of presenting different content to search engines and human visitors
Doorway Pages: The technique of directing the traffic to another page using redirection method or some of the links.
Duplicate Content: Multiple pages with same text.
Spam Page: The webpage full of ads out of which the webmasters make money.
Selling Pagerank: Selling links to other websites so as to help them getting high pagerank.