Yahoo! Buzz : Taken at Face Value

Posted in digg, yahoo, yahoobuzz by Sushant on August 20, 2008

Yahoo!Buzz has created a new buzz in the world wide web as a community-based news article website. With its features like social bookmarking and user interface syndication with editorial control, the website allows the users to publish their own stories and link to their own or other websites.

It has a new horizon for the publishers as the top stories Yahoo!Buzz are linked from home page of Yahoo, that means there is no dearth of traffic to the popular stories. Now, the webmasters are getting a wider opportunity of driving traffic to their websites. An interesting and catchy story published in Yahoo! Buzz, linked to the targeted website and the task is over. The rest of the legwork of bringing traffic to the websites is done by yahoo.

Yahoo! Buzz, launched as a Digg competitor, is now opened to all publishers and websites. Earlier, it had 100 publishers which grew to 400 in a later stage. Yahoo has also announced that, now any Yahoo user can submit a webpage. According to reports, Yahoo has redirected 16 million visitors to outside websites within the first two weeks of launching Yahoo! Buzz.

However, Yahoo is being careful about the number of links to be kept on its home page, and the traffic that is driven to nuke websites. Now, it is sure that a link from Yahoo is worth anything, and it will keep the Buzz publishers pay greater attention.