Web Content Writing vs Web Copywriting

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Many people don’t recognize the difference between web copywriting and web content writing, most people(including myself) don’t bother 😀

However, as web authors, we need to know the fine line that keeps these two sub-genres apart. While web copywriting has more of marketing undertone that prompts a visitor to take action (read buy), web content writing is meant essentially to inform and educate people about some products and services.

The term copy writing is primarily used in the advertising industry where the copies are crafted in order to entice the prospects into buying their products and services. Since space is the major constraint in advertising, the copy writers are faced with the challenges of writing sales copies (using fewer words and limited space) that convince the prospects of the striking benefits of the products and services. Web copywriting, in the same fashion, is all about writing sales copies for your targeted visitors who will be tempted to buy your products. Web copywriting is a specialized skill and an art in itself. Not everybody can have the knack to write sales copies- it requires understanding of your products, services and the psychology of your targeted visitors.

Web content writing, as most would agree, is not treated very differently though. For example, even though I mean to educate my prospects through my website, I eventually land up sound like I desperately want them to buy our services. Even the other seo content writers in my team fall in this category. However, I know there are certain things that no web content writer can ignore while they write website content. ‘Call to Action’, for instance, is an essential ingredient of both web copywriting and web content writing. At the end of a page, if you don’t tell your visitors what they are supposed to do, you miss out on the great opportunity you have created thus far.

Write to inform, educate, and entice your prospects- whether it’s web copywriting or web content writing.


What a Web Content Writer Does for Your Website

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The first and foremost thing of search engine optimization is paying much attention on web content writing. Web content is the source of driving traffic and increasing link popularity. Hence, any webmaster doing online business and having sound knowledge of search engine optimization will consider seriously about web content writing and web content optimization.

If you want to hire any web content writer, you need to think of why you need one. Because you can find a phenomenal difference between web content writing service and SEO content writing service. In the first case the web content writer you are hiring to promote you business and your company. Whatever the product and services you are selling through your website, you have to present them in a special way so as to attract the visitors and make them purchase through your website. Hence, your website content writer needs to understand your strategies, services, your targeted market and visitors. The articles in your website need to speak about your product and services- how they are better than their competitors, how they can best solve the purpose of the customers, what special features they have to make them stand out, etc. Website content writing bears much more importance as they stand for the website and is the only means you can increase your sales after visitors land on you site.

Your search for web content writing services should end up with a service provider that has precise knowledge of SEO and web content development. Because, as far as web content writing is concerned it is not enough to develop the text that is to be uploaded on the webpage. Along with the effective text it is important to use the most targeted keywords of the page with their proper density and proximity. A webpage can be made accessible with the use of keywords in its content, title and heading.

In web content writing, it is important to optimize the content regularly with information worth value. Search engines love updated and well optimized content on the WebPages. Even the web visitors would love to read new information. Hence, web content optimization will every time feed the visitors with new knowledge and keep them coming to your website repeatedly. A professional web content editor has the ability to give a perfect dimension to your online business with his web content writing services.

You need a perfect balance between your web content writing and search engine optimization. It is important for you get your message delivered to your prospective customers. If you want to achieve a high goal in your online marketing, you have to select the reliable content writing services. An efficient website content writer knows the importance of search engine optimization in online business and the power of effective content in search engine optimization. So, if you want to add new figure to your sales you have to be very careful about selecting web content provider for your website. They can virtually push up your website and make you go ahead your competitors.

The Secret of Generating Revenue through Blogs

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There are good numbers of bloggers who make money via simple blog writing to sell products of any website, many bloggers write for the shake of hobby though. Making money from a blogspot is getting popular as you can associate so many forms of marketing with it.

It is quite challenging to generate money from blogs. AdSense is the most common form of marketing that you can integrate into your blog. But, keep in mind that when you are selling a product, really sell them by making the links visible. These days, the advertising programs are more interested in RSS advertising through blog content writing. Sponsorship is another form of advertising or affiliating a product through blogs so as to create an increasing awareness for the business. Some bloggers are being paid to write consistently on certain products in a regular fashion. These bloggers are able to earn a large amount only through creating blogs for the companies. However, blog content writing services are one among the lucrative services of SEO content writing.

Bloggers are now trying to find different source to network their blogs as it can form an additional income stream. Business blog writing is another good opportunity as companies are hiring blog writers for their inhouse purpose. Today, the bloggers are showing inclination towards other digital assets to add revenue to their blogs.

If you are a professional blog content writer, you should remember that there is no dearth of money in your way. You only need to develop creative and interesting content for your blog that readers will love to read. As blogging is one of the widespread tools of growing public awareness most companies these days are looking for professional blog content writers to promote their products.