Blogging- A Self-generated Mania

If you are new to the world of blogging, you are likely to be hit by the loneliness. You are not known to any bloggers and others too have no idea who you are. You feel like a stranger in various forums you visit or websites where you post your blogs. In such a scenario, it’s but natural to have depressing thoughts especially when you observe other seasoned bloggers connecting just like a community. You feel like you are never going to make it in blogging mission. These are signs of blogging burnout. But no worries, At SCW, we offer a few very useful tips to help you come out of this burnout. 

Never Feel Left Out
Remember every blogger has gone through this period what you are feeling now. So just take it easy, it’s just a phase which will soon pass. 

Patience is the Virtue
It takes time to be successful in any sector and blogging is no different. There is no shortcut to make it big overnight, hence, patience plays an important role here. 

Be Proud of Your Blog
If many people don’t visit your blogs, that doesn’t mean yours is not good. You have just started, so give yourself some time and be confident of your blog content writing skill. 

Polish Your Writing Skills
Improvise your writing skill and for that, you need to read a lot. Read inspiring good articles or even follow other successful bloggers posts. 

Don’t Consider Blogging as a Mere Job
If you are passionate about blogging, the result will definitely show in your writings. Hence, never treat it as any other job or never write only for money, else the end result will be a monotonous blog.

I hope these tips will help you tackle the blogging burnout menace to some extent. So wish you a happy blogging expedition!


Web Content Writing vs Web Copywriting

Posted in seo content writers, web content writing, webcopy writing by Sushant on August 24, 2008

Many people don’t recognize the difference between web copywriting and web content writing, most people(including myself) don’t bother 😀

However, as web authors, we need to know the fine line that keeps these two sub-genres apart. While web copywriting has more of marketing undertone that prompts a visitor to take action (read buy), web content writing is meant essentially to inform and educate people about some products and services.

The term copy writing is primarily used in the advertising industry where the copies are crafted in order to entice the prospects into buying their products and services. Since space is the major constraint in advertising, the copy writers are faced with the challenges of writing sales copies (using fewer words and limited space) that convince the prospects of the striking benefits of the products and services. Web copywriting, in the same fashion, is all about writing sales copies for your targeted visitors who will be tempted to buy your products. Web copywriting is a specialized skill and an art in itself. Not everybody can have the knack to write sales copies- it requires understanding of your products, services and the psychology of your targeted visitors.

Web content writing, as most would agree, is not treated very differently though. For example, even though I mean to educate my prospects through my website, I eventually land up sound like I desperately want them to buy our services. Even the other seo content writers in my team fall in this category. However, I know there are certain things that no web content writer can ignore while they write website content. ‘Call to Action’, for instance, is an essential ingredient of both web copywriting and web content writing. At the end of a page, if you don’t tell your visitors what they are supposed to do, you miss out on the great opportunity you have created thus far.

Write to inform, educate, and entice your prospects- whether it’s web copywriting or web content writing.

Title- The True Reflection Of Good Content

Posted in seo content writers, web content writers by Sushant on July 30, 2008

Title is the introduction to any article. In other words, title talks about the topic of any article. It essentially tells the readers what the content is all about in a concise manner. A good title plays a vital role in captivating the fancy of viewers. On the first look, viewers usually check the title of any article. If the title is interesting enough to catch their fancy, then only they would prefer to go for the whole content. Hence no matter how good your content is, if the title is not fascinating, chances are that you might be losing potential readers.

Ever wondered how some titles sound so attractive while others sound just monotonous? For example, if one article is about Laptop, a simple title such as “benefits of laptop” won’t make your article stand out as there would be hundreds of articles written on the common title. There is no strategy on how to write good titles as it purely depends upon a person’s creativity. But certain common tips can be helpful. Avoid using junk conjunctive words such as “a” or “the”. You need to be at your creative best while naming a title for your article. Another important aspect to remember while entitling your article is that you should try to use keywords in the title of your article. However, the title shouldn’t look stuffed with keyword only. Keywords shouldn’t be used just for the heck of it- use of keyword in the title should look natural. If these minute things are taken care of, then you will come up with a unique and interesting title for your article.

A well-written and creative title has the potential to draw the attention of many discerning readers that usually tend to ignore articles named with bland titles. Hence, along with writing good content for your website and its promotion, you should also ensure that the content should carry an eye-catching title. However, writing titles is easier said than done, especially when you are writing a number of articles on the similar theme. Hence, you will need the assistance of professional SEO content writers who are equipped with the experience and expertise to churn out not only quality content but also attention-grabbing titles that will potentially draw critical traffic to your websites.

Optimising Keyphrases in the Content

Posted in seo content writers, website content writer by Sushant on July 30, 2008

Most people, these days, are using the Internet to search information about the products and services they require. The major search engines treat articles as the good source of information. And, how the search engines find these pages from the millions of webpages on the web? The answer is with the help of keywords used in the articles. Hence, it is a simple fact that how interesting your content may be, it is essential to integrate keywords or keyprhases into the content so that the search engines would able to find the page when a net user is using the key word or key phrases for the search.

Keyphrase is the term used for a multiple-word keyword. Single word keywords are branded keyword and are difficult to compete for, where as the multiple-word keywords or the keyphrases are less competitive. Visitors prefer to use multiple search terms to make their search more specific and hence, if you make research for keyphrases that the visitors use more frequently, it can be more helpful as a search engine optimization strategy. If you are into online business and marketing your product and services through search engines, it is vital for you to have a successful keyphrase strategy. Keyphrase research becomes the first step of search engine optimization. However, it is important to use the keywords or keyphrases in the articles and blogs of the website. As “content is the king”, and there is no better way to promote your targeted keywords that using them in the website content and content for SEO campaign.

You need to care about balancing a perfect keyword density while developing content for your website. An ideal keyword density in a webpage is 2-7%. However, it depends upon the skill of the SEO content writer how he integrates the keywords or keyphrases into the content.

SEO Content Plagiarism: A Growing Cyber Crime

Posted in content writing packages, seo content writers by Sushant on July 28, 2008

If you are an SEO content writer, remember the number of sleepless nights you have spent fearing your content gets stolen by content thieves. Whereas content plagiarism has evolved as the greatest crime in the cyberworld, more and more SEO content writers are becoming victims of SEO content plagiarists who steal content and use them for their own benefits.

Most of the content plagiarists are amateur SEO content writers who have little or no knowledge about SEO content writing. Online businesses are on boom these days and people use plagiarised content to set up their websites and make money. With the intent of making easy money and cutting corners with SEO content guidelines to compete with stronger SEO content writing companies, the content plagiarists barely think of hiring professional SEO content writers to develop original, innovative and quality content for their websites and SEO campaigns. Blog posts, small articles are the most commonly stolen stuff- they are the proven ways of driving traffic. And, if some SEO content plagiarists use the content of a website that is indexed by Google and gets good ranks in the search engine result pages, they are more likely to get targeted traffic to their websites.

There are plenty of SEO tools on the web that can be used to duplicate the existing content of your website. These SEO tools have been designed to copy the entire content from any website that can be used to populate any newly developed website. Synonymizing is yet another way of plagiarizing. This is the process of changing words of each page with the help of some specially designed SEO content writing tools so that the original SEO content writer is not able to trace that.

While stealing SEO content from other sites, the SEO content plagiarists hardly think of the consequences they will have to face following the infringement of copyright protection acts. There are affordable SEO content writing packages available by many SEO content service providers. Only original content can help your website become Google friendly and drive quality traffic in huge volume to your website. Hence, let’s say NO to SEO Content Plagiarism.