Is Blogging a Social Media Networking Tool?

Posted in Uncategorized by Sushant on September 6, 2008

Social media networking is one of the most talked about subjects in the blogosphere. While blogging has increasingly become an essential business tool from promotion standpoint, social media networkingspecialists have found a convergence between blogging and social media networking. In fact, both blogging and social media networking are critical to the success of any online marketing campaign. Blog can personalize your business and form a strong base for your potential clients to understand you and your business. And, social media networking can help you promote your business and form a powerful tool to get massive amount of traffic.

Since the prime objective of blogging is to engage your audience in informative and useful discussions through your blog, it is natural for many bloggers to link their blogs to their social networking profiles in order to facilitate an enhanced interaction with their prospects. As a result, we can find bloggers incorporating social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Digg into their blogs. On the other hand, social media networking platforms such as Facebook facilitates interactive participation at a significant level by allowing bloggers to post links on their social media networking profiles. 

Taking a deeper look into the popularity and practicality of blogging, it can be effectively used as a feasible technique of social media optimization. It gives you the opportunity to show your prowess in particular sphere, opens up the doors for networking and can be a great way of search engine optimization. Today, blogging is not only a tool to connect with your customers, but also a networking technique to connect other people in your field. 

Recently, there are a lot of discussions going on about social media networking that has evolved as a weapon for online marketers to keep in touch with their prospects. If you want to create a powerhouse of your business, you should interact with other people in your industry and in corresponding services. Connection with people can also open the possibility of friendship, client referrals and others. As the weblogs are great social arena, they can capture the responses of the customers about your products or services. 

Hence, blogging and social media networking are two sides of the same coin.


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