Can Google Chrome Topple Firefox?

Posted in Firefox, Google, Google Chrome, Windows by Sushant on September 4, 2008

Finally Google launched a browser entitled as Google Chrome. Whenever Google offers something to us, it has to be useful, user-friendly, application-packed and experience-enhancing. Although, Google Chrome doesn’t really have many applications that we have been so used to using in Firefox, it definitely has something for me to go back to it- its lightening-fast speed, it serves the page faster than any other browsers I have used so far. With a file size of only 7MB it’s pretty quick to download and install as well. Better still, I can see things more organized in it. Google Chrome is a Beta Version, and I’m sure Google will soon add more applications for an enhanced experience. 

What’s might be on your mind is whether Google Chrome will be able to surpass Firefox. It’s easy to say NO. But we will have wait and see how Google is improving its new browser to include all the features that we usually find in Firefox. There is an option in Google Chrome that allows users to import all the bookmarks from Firefox, but strangely, they didn’t show up when I installed it. Another upsetting thing about Google Chromes is only meant for Windows Vista/XP users. However, I’m sure Google Chrome will soon have a solution to this problem. 

I have come across a nice article that talks about ten questions you might have about Google Chrome. It gives a deep insight into Google vis-à-vis Firefox equation. Do check it out and let me know what your views are on this brand-new browser. By the way, click here if you want to download this new browser.


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