Is Blog Marketing an Effective Business Tool?

Posted in Blog Content Writing, Social Media Optimization by Sushant on September 9, 2008

Keeping tabs on the feedback of the clients, prospective customers and competitors is a critical part of any business. However, in an online business, blogs can be used as a powerful word-of-mouth marketing tool to help the online marketers enhance their marketing strategies. Today, the concept of blog marketing is getting popular among the online business arena because blogging is an effective medium to let the prospective clients know you and your business.

Blog marketing gives your business a networking opportunity by showcasing your strength and your area of expertise. The potential of a blog lies on its personalization, which means the readers are more likely to know you through your blogs. As your potential clients will often look in multiple websites before investing, your blogs can inform them how you excel in your field. Blogs can also give them a platform to ask questions and give feedback. As blogging has the potential to drive traffic to your websites, it is one aspect of search engine optimization as well.

These days, social media networking is getting popular as it forms an online community for people with similar interest. You can use you blogs for social media optimization in the social media channels to share your views among the whole community and get feedback. Blog marketing in the social media networking sites enhance your chances of making connections with people and interacting with others in the industry and related sectors.

With its strong marketing approach and manifold SEO benefits, blog marketing is something worth considering. However, continuously creating interesting and quality blog content requires a great deal of research which may drive you away from your core business competencies. So the solution lies in hiring full-time professional blog content writers to take care of this critical aspect of online promotion.


Are You Aware of These Illicit SEO Practices?

Posted in Uncategorized by Sushant on September 8, 2008

Considering the widespread growth of search engine optimization and search engine marketing, search engines like Google are growing smarter with their search business. They are coming up with improved strategies to weed out the spammers and making search results more relevant than ever before.

However, the search engines take their search business seriously and take every mean to put the websites through a sieve to separate the ones that are using techniques not satisfying the search engine norms. Search engines never compromise with the malicious websites and Google can penalize them considering their level of offense. As the success of any online business depends on the website, it can be said that the techniques of search engine optimization can literally build or break the business. Hence, the online marketers should be aware of the techniques that the providers SEO services are using before selecting one for the promotion of their own business.

Here are some of the commonly used black-hat techniques:

Keyword stuffing: Over use of keywords on a page or in the parts of HTML code to get high ranking is search engine result pages.
Spamdexing: The techniques used to manipulate the significance of the resources indexed by search engines.
Invisible Text: The process of manipulating keyword density for search engines by using same color for the font and background.
Cloaking: The process of presenting different content to search engines and human visitors
Doorway Pages: The technique of directing the traffic to another page using redirection method or some of the links.
Duplicate Content: Multiple pages with same text.
Spam Page: The webpage full of ads out of which the webmasters make money.
Selling Pagerank: Selling links to other websites so as to help them getting high pagerank.

Is Blogging a Social Media Networking Tool?

Posted in Uncategorized by Sushant on September 6, 2008

Social media networking is one of the most talked about subjects in the blogosphere. While blogging has increasingly become an essential business tool from promotion standpoint, social media networkingspecialists have found a convergence between blogging and social media networking. In fact, both blogging and social media networking are critical to the success of any online marketing campaign. Blog can personalize your business and form a strong base for your potential clients to understand you and your business. And, social media networking can help you promote your business and form a powerful tool to get massive amount of traffic.

Since the prime objective of blogging is to engage your audience in informative and useful discussions through your blog, it is natural for many bloggers to link their blogs to their social networking profiles in order to facilitate an enhanced interaction with their prospects. As a result, we can find bloggers incorporating social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Digg into their blogs. On the other hand, social media networking platforms such as Facebook facilitates interactive participation at a significant level by allowing bloggers to post links on their social media networking profiles. 

Taking a deeper look into the popularity and practicality of blogging, it can be effectively used as a feasible technique of social media optimization. It gives you the opportunity to show your prowess in particular sphere, opens up the doors for networking and can be a great way of search engine optimization. Today, blogging is not only a tool to connect with your customers, but also a networking technique to connect other people in your field. 

Recently, there are a lot of discussions going on about social media networking that has evolved as a weapon for online marketers to keep in touch with their prospects. If you want to create a powerhouse of your business, you should interact with other people in your industry and in corresponding services. Connection with people can also open the possibility of friendship, client referrals and others. As the weblogs are great social arena, they can capture the responses of the customers about your products or services. 

Hence, blogging and social media networking are two sides of the same coin.

Can Google Chrome Topple Firefox?

Posted in Firefox, Google, Google Chrome, Windows by Sushant on September 4, 2008

Finally Google launched a browser entitled as Google Chrome. Whenever Google offers something to us, it has to be useful, user-friendly, application-packed and experience-enhancing. Although, Google Chrome doesn’t really have many applications that we have been so used to using in Firefox, it definitely has something for me to go back to it- its lightening-fast speed, it serves the page faster than any other browsers I have used so far. With a file size of only 7MB it’s pretty quick to download and install as well. Better still, I can see things more organized in it. Google Chrome is a Beta Version, and I’m sure Google will soon add more applications for an enhanced experience. 

What’s might be on your mind is whether Google Chrome will be able to surpass Firefox. It’s easy to say NO. But we will have wait and see how Google is improving its new browser to include all the features that we usually find in Firefox. There is an option in Google Chrome that allows users to import all the bookmarks from Firefox, but strangely, they didn’t show up when I installed it. Another upsetting thing about Google Chromes is only meant for Windows Vista/XP users. However, I’m sure Google Chrome will soon have a solution to this problem. 

I have come across a nice article that talks about ten questions you might have about Google Chrome. It gives a deep insight into Google vis-à-vis Firefox equation. Do check it out and let me know what your views are on this brand-new browser. By the way, click here if you want to download this new browser.

The Secrets of New-age Blogging

Blogging has always been a potential tool of online marketing and website promotion. If you have a website, you should also have a blog where you can talk about topics relevant your business, products and services. However, blogging is also meant for sharing the critical information that you think your prospects should know about. The most positive thing about sharing information with your prospects is that you start building rapport with them at an emotional level. If the information on your blog is enticing and interesting enough, you will have lots of visitors who might eventually translate into buyers. 
Some tips on the blogging:
  • Keep your blog short, crispy, informative and interesting, preferably between 250-300 words. Remember, people tend to ignore posts that are longer than 300 words.
  • It is essential to link some of the keywords to other potential and informative websites so that your audience gets to know them. There are many interesting websites full of useful information, but many people will miss out on them unless you share. For example, if you are writing a post on ‘blogging’, you need to link it to a website that you think offers some really useful information for your audience.
  • Allow other bloggers to write guest entries on your blog. It will add to experience of your readers to find a wide range of bloggers to hear from.
However, continuously creating interesting and quality blog content requires a great deal of research which may drive you away from your core business competencies. So the solution lies in hiring full-time professional blog content writers to take care of this critical aspect of online promotion.