Web Content Writing vs Web Copywriting

Posted in seo content writers, web content writing, webcopy writing by Sushant on August 24, 2008

Many people don’t recognize the difference between web copywriting and web content writing, most people(including myself) don’t bother 😀

However, as web authors, we need to know the fine line that keeps these two sub-genres apart. While web copywriting has more of marketing undertone that prompts a visitor to take action (read buy), web content writing is meant essentially to inform and educate people about some products and services.

The term copy writing is primarily used in the advertising industry where the copies are crafted in order to entice the prospects into buying their products and services. Since space is the major constraint in advertising, the copy writers are faced with the challenges of writing sales copies (using fewer words and limited space) that convince the prospects of the striking benefits of the products and services. Web copywriting, in the same fashion, is all about writing sales copies for your targeted visitors who will be tempted to buy your products. Web copywriting is a specialized skill and an art in itself. Not everybody can have the knack to write sales copies- it requires understanding of your products, services and the psychology of your targeted visitors.

Web content writing, as most would agree, is not treated very differently though. For example, even though I mean to educate my prospects through my website, I eventually land up sound like I desperately want them to buy our services. Even the other seo content writers in my team fall in this category. However, I know there are certain things that no web content writer can ignore while they write website content. ‘Call to Action’, for instance, is an essential ingredient of both web copywriting and web content writing. At the end of a page, if you don’t tell your visitors what they are supposed to do, you miss out on the great opportunity you have created thus far.

Write to inform, educate, and entice your prospects- whether it’s web copywriting or web content writing.


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