Check Out The New Custom 404 Widget From Google

Posted in 404 error, Google, google webmaster by Sushant on August 20, 2008

Good News for all those who have registered to Google’s Webmaster’s Tool. The Search Engine Behemoth has come up with yet another cool widget to assist you with your online business.

The all new enhanced custom 404 widget will save your website visitors from frustration when they click on some link of your website which is no longer available on your website. Usually, when you click on a link that doesn’t exist any more in your website, the visitor is served with a 404 Error Page. However, this generic message can be very frustrating for your valued visitors. Installing this widget will help your website serve the visitors with some helpful suggestions.

The newly launched Google Webmaster Tool is designed to allow the webmasters, who have installed the widget to their website, to create custom 404 pages with your template or other design. The new advanced custom 404 widget is very simple to install on you website. Go to the Google Webmaster Tools, choose tools on the left, and then click on “Enhance 404 Pages”. Now, simply copy and paste the widget into your page template.

Now, with this useful widget, it is possible for the webmasters to give their visitors a really good browsing experience.


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