Cuil and Google – Much Ado About Nothing

Posted in Cuil, Google, search engine, semantics by Sushant on August 19, 2008

We’ve been hearing so much about Cuil, the new search engine on the block. A lot has been written on this new search engine that, I’d say a brilliant effort, a result of two ex-Google employees. A lot of search engine specialists have already cast their opinions about how good or bad this new search engine is. However, most of them, I think, have jumped the gun. It’s too early for anyone to draw conclusion regarding Cuil’s effectiveness. Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?

The most common of the opinions that has been doing round ever since Cuil was launched is whether it’s a prospective competitor (read Threat) to Google. Google has been there for quite a long time tweaking its search algorithms and trying to find its searchers with the most relevant information. Every single day, Google search interface specialists devote a lot of time conducting brain-storming sessions to improve the performance of Google in order to help the searchers find better results for their queries. Consider the past few years, Google has evolved a lot as a search engine- from link-popularity to web semantics, Google has shifted its importance substantially to improve its performance in offering better search results to the webzines.

Cuil, on the other hand, is a fairly new search engine that is yet to come to terms with the dynamic search preferences of the seachers. However, it has utilized its experience in building itself and offering better performance. Its web semantics, for example, is one thing that a new-age search engine is supposed to be built around. As a result o this, Cuil is able offer a few suggestions related to the query which will save searchers’ time. Contrary to many views that the semantics used in Cuil doesn’t offer appropriate and relevant results in some instances, we should remember that it’s just a matter of time before Cuil overcomes this deficiency.

So far as the debate over Cuil surpassing Google goes, I think what the searchers really need is not the competition but better results for their search.


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