Dilemma with Forum Spam

Posted in Uncategorized by Sushant on August 5, 2008

Online forum is an open board discussion on the Internet whose prime objective is to provide the space for the net users to put forth questions, give answer or discuss about certain topics. Literally, there are thousands of topics on the web to be discussed under forum threads every second.

However, there are different rules and regulations for forums. Some forums are free to discuss, where as others have paid membership options. Some forums sites are liberal and provide the provision of allowing any kind of discussion under different threads. But other forum sites are specific and all the threads are on the different aspects of the same topic. “Guest” access are not allowed in all the forum websites as some websites allow only registered members to view and participate in the forum discussion.

Where as forum is a convenient medium for discussion, there are many people who access forum threads for nothing but spam. They use the forum threads for dirty online marketing. They post common views that are hardly of any value and try to get a link through the signature part of the post. Others send personal messages to the members of the forum site to promote their own business. However, the search engines have grown smarter with their powerful automatic tools that can easily trace the spam posts with a link to the targeted site.

The forum administrators and moderators play a major role in rejecting a spam post. Some administrators don’t allow signatures until the members post some valid stuff for a particular time. There are other methods like captcha, registration control, “spam subforums”, etc. If the link is found spam, it is rejected. However, forum spams are still prevailing.


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