How to Generate New Ideas for Interesting Content

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There are myriad of benefits of writing regular content for your website or blogs. You can achieve targeted and potential traffic; you can develop an interacting community, facilitate social media marketing or encourage people to link to your website. However, sometimes you may wonder why you are not getting the expected traffic rate to your blogs or website. But, have you ever thought how far the content of your blog is appealing to your visitors? Yes, the choice of your topic plays a key role in drawing qualified traffic.

If you visit the blogs of some seasoned bloggers, you’ll find they are filled with innovative ideas, new stats and updated information. These are things that catch the fancy of the information-savvy visitors who are constantly on look out for new and updated information. Moreover, you need to stay updated with all the recent developments in your niche industry so that you can come up with newer ideas. If you have some prior blogpsts, you can refer to the comments to get some ideas to write another blog.

If you feel you are running short of ideas to develop new content for your blogs, you can hire professional blog content writers because they are professional and know the art of generating fresh and information-rich content with new ideas.


Blogging- A Self-generated Mania

If you are new to the world of blogging, you are likely to be hit by the loneliness. You are not known to any bloggers and others too have no idea who you are. You feel like a stranger in various forums you visit or websites where you post your blogs. In such a scenario, it’s but natural to have depressing thoughts especially when you observe other seasoned bloggers connecting just like a community. You feel like you are never going to make it in blogging mission. These are signs of blogging burnout. But no worries, At SCW, we offer a few very useful tips to help you come out of this burnout. 

Never Feel Left Out
Remember every blogger has gone through this period what you are feeling now. So just take it easy, it’s just a phase which will soon pass. 

Patience is the Virtue
It takes time to be successful in any sector and blogging is no different. There is no shortcut to make it big overnight, hence, patience plays an important role here. 

Be Proud of Your Blog
If many people don’t visit your blogs, that doesn’t mean yours is not good. You have just started, so give yourself some time and be confident of your blog content writing skill. 

Polish Your Writing Skills
Improvise your writing skill and for that, you need to read a lot. Read inspiring good articles or even follow other successful bloggers posts. 

Don’t Consider Blogging as a Mere Job
If you are passionate about blogging, the result will definitely show in your writings. Hence, never treat it as any other job or never write only for money, else the end result will be a monotonous blog.

I hope these tips will help you tackle the blogging burnout menace to some extent. So wish you a happy blogging expedition!

Is LinkBaiting A Blackhat Technique?

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Well, it may sound but it doesn’t have to be so. Just the other day, I came across this term while I was reading up some interesting posts on amrit’s weblog. I didn’t know about it so it sounded funny to me. I clicked on it and it took me to a page that explained this term in length. His posts have always been fascinating and informative. However, they are lengthier nevertheless.:)

This particular post on LinkBaiting talks about an interesting idea on how to write fresh, relevant and user-friendly content so that you attract others to link to you. Like Amrit, I too first thought it could be some kind of black hat technique deployed solely to generate back links, but no- it is a whitehat technique and very much legitimate.

Amrit is right- bloggers need to be open to sharing and recommendation. It’s not always possible for a blogger to write posts on every topic. So when I come across an interesting post somewhere, I promptly link to it so that others can take a look at it. Moreover, I like this idea of inviting other writers to write a guest entry on your blog. I learnt this idea when I found Gill on Twitter. Upon visit, I was amazed by the way he invites bloggers to guest-appear on his blog.

Web Content Writing vs Web Copywriting

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Many people don’t recognize the difference between web copywriting and web content writing, most people(including myself) don’t bother 😀

However, as web authors, we need to know the fine line that keeps these two sub-genres apart. While web copywriting has more of marketing undertone that prompts a visitor to take action (read buy), web content writing is meant essentially to inform and educate people about some products and services.

The term copy writing is primarily used in the advertising industry where the copies are crafted in order to entice the prospects into buying their products and services. Since space is the major constraint in advertising, the copy writers are faced with the challenges of writing sales copies (using fewer words and limited space) that convince the prospects of the striking benefits of the products and services. Web copywriting, in the same fashion, is all about writing sales copies for your targeted visitors who will be tempted to buy your products. Web copywriting is a specialized skill and an art in itself. Not everybody can have the knack to write sales copies- it requires understanding of your products, services and the psychology of your targeted visitors.

Web content writing, as most would agree, is not treated very differently though. For example, even though I mean to educate my prospects through my website, I eventually land up sound like I desperately want them to buy our services. Even the other seo content writers in my team fall in this category. However, I know there are certain things that no web content writer can ignore while they write website content. ‘Call to Action’, for instance, is an essential ingredient of both web copywriting and web content writing. At the end of a page, if you don’t tell your visitors what they are supposed to do, you miss out on the great opportunity you have created thus far.

Write to inform, educate, and entice your prospects- whether it’s web copywriting or web content writing.

Yahoo! Buzz : Taken at Face Value

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Yahoo!Buzz has created a new buzz in the world wide web as a community-based news article website. With its features like social bookmarking and user interface syndication with editorial control, the website allows the users to publish their own stories and link to their own or other websites.

It has a new horizon for the publishers as the top stories Yahoo!Buzz are linked from home page of Yahoo, that means there is no dearth of traffic to the popular stories. Now, the webmasters are getting a wider opportunity of driving traffic to their websites. An interesting and catchy story published in Yahoo! Buzz, linked to the targeted website and the task is over. The rest of the legwork of bringing traffic to the websites is done by yahoo.

Yahoo! Buzz, launched as a Digg competitor, is now opened to all publishers and websites. Earlier, it had 100 publishers which grew to 400 in a later stage. Yahoo has also announced that, now any Yahoo user can submit a webpage. According to reports, Yahoo has redirected 16 million visitors to outside websites within the first two weeks of launching Yahoo! Buzz.

However, Yahoo is being careful about the number of links to be kept on its home page, and the traffic that is driven to nuke websites. Now, it is sure that a link from Yahoo is worth anything, and it will keep the Buzz publishers pay greater attention.

Check Out The New Custom 404 Widget From Google

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Good News for all those who have registered to Google’s Webmaster’s Tool. The Search Engine Behemoth has come up with yet another cool widget to assist you with your online business.

The all new enhanced custom 404 widget will save your website visitors from frustration when they click on some link of your website which is no longer available on your website. Usually, when you click on a link that doesn’t exist any more in your website, the visitor is served with a 404 Error Page. However, this generic message can be very frustrating for your valued visitors. Installing this widget will help your website serve the visitors with some helpful suggestions.

The newly launched Google Webmaster Tool is designed to allow the webmasters, who have installed the widget to their website, to create custom 404 pages with your template or other design. The new advanced custom 404 widget is very simple to install on you website. Go to the Google Webmaster Tools, choose tools on the left, and then click on “Enhance 404 Pages”. Now, simply copy and paste the widget into your page template.

Now, with this useful widget, it is possible for the webmasters to give their visitors a really good browsing experience.

Cuil and Google – Much Ado About Nothing

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We’ve been hearing so much about Cuil, the new search engine on the block. A lot has been written on this new search engine that, I’d say a brilliant effort, a result of two ex-Google employees. A lot of search engine specialists have already cast their opinions about how good or bad this new search engine is. However, most of them, I think, have jumped the gun. It’s too early for anyone to draw conclusion regarding Cuil’s effectiveness. Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?

The most common of the opinions that has been doing round ever since Cuil was launched is whether it’s a prospective competitor (read Threat) to Google. Google has been there for quite a long time tweaking its search algorithms and trying to find its searchers with the most relevant information. Every single day, Google search interface specialists devote a lot of time conducting brain-storming sessions to improve the performance of Google in order to help the searchers find better results for their queries. Consider the past few years, Google has evolved a lot as a search engine- from link-popularity to web semantics, Google has shifted its importance substantially to improve its performance in offering better search results to the webzines.

Cuil, on the other hand, is a fairly new search engine that is yet to come to terms with the dynamic search preferences of the seachers. However, it has utilized its experience in building itself and offering better performance. Its web semantics, for example, is one thing that a new-age search engine is supposed to be built around. As a result o this, Cuil is able offer a few suggestions related to the query which will save searchers’ time. Contrary to many views that the semantics used in Cuil doesn’t offer appropriate and relevant results in some instances, we should remember that it’s just a matter of time before Cuil overcomes this deficiency.

So far as the debate over Cuil surpassing Google goes, I think what the searchers really need is not the competition but better results for their search.

What a Web Content Writer Does for Your Website

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The first and foremost thing of search engine optimization is paying much attention on web content writing. Web content is the source of driving traffic and increasing link popularity. Hence, any webmaster doing online business and having sound knowledge of search engine optimization will consider seriously about web content writing and web content optimization.

If you want to hire any web content writer, you need to think of why you need one. Because you can find a phenomenal difference between web content writing service and SEO content writing service. In the first case the web content writer you are hiring to promote you business and your company. Whatever the product and services you are selling through your website, you have to present them in a special way so as to attract the visitors and make them purchase through your website. Hence, your website content writer needs to understand your strategies, services, your targeted market and visitors. The articles in your website need to speak about your product and services- how they are better than their competitors, how they can best solve the purpose of the customers, what special features they have to make them stand out, etc. Website content writing bears much more importance as they stand for the website and is the only means you can increase your sales after visitors land on you site.

Your search for web content writing services should end up with a service provider that has precise knowledge of SEO and web content development. Because, as far as web content writing is concerned it is not enough to develop the text that is to be uploaded on the webpage. Along with the effective text it is important to use the most targeted keywords of the page with their proper density and proximity. A webpage can be made accessible with the use of keywords in its content, title and heading.

In web content writing, it is important to optimize the content regularly with information worth value. Search engines love updated and well optimized content on the WebPages. Even the web visitors would love to read new information. Hence, web content optimization will every time feed the visitors with new knowledge and keep them coming to your website repeatedly. A professional web content editor has the ability to give a perfect dimension to your online business with his web content writing services.

You need a perfect balance between your web content writing and search engine optimization. It is important for you get your message delivered to your prospective customers. If you want to achieve a high goal in your online marketing, you have to select the reliable content writing services. An efficient website content writer knows the importance of search engine optimization in online business and the power of effective content in search engine optimization. So, if you want to add new figure to your sales you have to be very careful about selecting web content provider for your website. They can virtually push up your website and make you go ahead your competitors.

Let Your Website Get Indexed Faster In the Search Engines

It is the dream of every entrepreneur to attain the height of success in no time and earn profit. However, if you are a service provider of products and services online, you need to develop perfect marketing strategies as you have to compete with millions of other websites selling the same products or services on the web. Taking your existing business to global marketing or making your newly-set-up business popular with the prospective online customers is difficult unless you follow a successful online campaigning procedure. The search engines should know the existence of your website to index it and rank the pages in the search engine result pages. In this scenario, website submission such as manual article submission services and manual directory submission services are the proven and sure-fire procedure that can speed up the indexing process of your website.

Search engines will consider your pages for validity only if they know about the pages. Through manual article submission services and manual directory submission services you can inform the search engines that your pages have the required information for the visitors. Website submission is an important part of search engine optimization. Once the search engines consider your pages to be relevant and place them in higher ranks in SERPs, you are assured of driving potential visitors to your website.

However, it is important for any webmaster to hire a reliable service provider with strategic low-cost affordable manual article submission plans and affordable manual directory submission services. Although, there are many service providers who use automated online submission tools for submitting website URLs to different search engines, the assurance of successful submission is meagre. Hence, select affordable manual article submission services and affordable manual directory submission services plans to ensure success on a regular basis.

Create a Platform for Inbound Links with Your Blogs

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Want to get quality inbound links for your site? Blogging is one of the most tried and tested solutions for that. The blog section of a website forms a strong base to attract visitors. But make sure that you are not starting the blog for the sake of having a blog part on your website; rather to provide informative stuff consistently. Here we discuss about the strategies to be followed in the blogs for getting links.

Quality content gets quality links and there are no two opinions about it. Attractive design apart, interesting and easy-to-read blog content carry more value and thus attracts links. It is very important to focus on the interest of the average net user. A professional blog content writer can do justice in this regard as he or she has the required skill to create a blog that catch the attention of the reader. Most of the webmasters are hiring blog content writing services to drive traffic and get backlinks from niche sites. Blogs are the best way to form a community and network. Remarkable and information rich blogs help networking in the web, thereby, enhancing the possibilities of getting back links.

Link your blog to the different quality blogs of other websites. The webmaster of the linked site may come to about your website through this. And, if they find the stuff in your blog interesting, they may think of linking back to your website. Of course, it is not a surefire technique of getting backlinks. Submit your blogs to different blog directories. Blogs are getting popular these days among the netizens and also they are the best source of information. This is the fastest and reliable technique of getting backlinks. If you lack the time to do blog posting for your site, hire a strategic SEO submission plan that can help you to place your blogs in reputed blog directories.

In all the above procedures don’t forget the search engines; they play the crucial part in ranking a link. So, make sure that all of your blogs are search engine friendly.