Press Release Writing- An Important Tool For Link Building

Posted in press release writing, seo content writing by Sushant on July 29, 2008

A press release or a news release as it’s called is nothing but simple statement carrying news about the schedule events or announcements of an organization. Press release writing is meant for online media distribution.

As more and more people are looking for online news to get information, there is a stiff competition among web sites to come on high ranks on search engines hunt. Along with quality SEO content writing, link building is an important tool to optimize your web page according to Search engine tools. And especially inbound links are vital to help in getting high ranks. There are different ways to increase link building such as by directory submission, article submission, blog submission and finally press release submission. Correctly optimized press release writing can build link equity. Press release writing can be used as an effective search engine optimisation marketing tool.

If you wonder how to write a press release, then no need to worry. Writing a press release is not that tricky only if one follows the standard format. Press releases should always contain relevant as well as noteworthy news concerning the organization. Writing quality press releases has its own advantage for your releases can be submitted on other relevant sites and this helps in more number of viewers which in turn generates high rank from search engine optimizer tools. If your news item is managed to be displayed by search engine biggies like Google and Yahoo, your website rank increases automatically without any effort.

Keywords are very important in any SEO content writing and Press release writing is also no exception. The selection of keyword should be based on extensive latest research. It should be mostly looked for yet less competitive. A keyword-rich content on press release is precious for your business. An appropriate keyword density level (between 3 to 8%) should be maintained. A correctly optimized press release ought to have keyword links in it which helps getting high ranks from search engines. While writing a press release, you should try to use keywords in backlinks (i.e. links back to your website). This is another way to promote your website.
After writing press releases, another important task is to submit these releases. You can send the text in form of mails to newspaper and web editors. However a more a more efficient way is to submit the press release writings into the online press release services for the search engines often spider those service sites. If your content is original and well written, the chances of getting high rankings by search engines are better.

After the press release is distributed among online media, make sure to publish the press release writing on your website and put them into an RSS feed, it will act as an endorsement to reach out to more number of viewers and a is considered as a smart move for optimisation purpose. Optimised press release writing will coerce your potential clients which in turn will help increasing your business.


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