SEO Content Plagiarism: A Growing Cyber Crime

Posted in content writing packages, seo content writers by Sushant on July 28, 2008

If you are an SEO content writer, remember the number of sleepless nights you have spent fearing your content gets stolen by content thieves. Whereas content plagiarism has evolved as the greatest crime in the cyberworld, more and more SEO content writers are becoming victims of SEO content plagiarists who steal content and use them for their own benefits.

Most of the content plagiarists are amateur SEO content writers who have little or no knowledge about SEO content writing. Online businesses are on boom these days and people use plagiarised content to set up their websites and make money. With the intent of making easy money and cutting corners with SEO content guidelines to compete with stronger SEO content writing companies, the content plagiarists barely think of hiring professional SEO content writers to develop original, innovative and quality content for their websites and SEO campaigns. Blog posts, small articles are the most commonly stolen stuff- they are the proven ways of driving traffic. And, if some SEO content plagiarists use the content of a website that is indexed by Google and gets good ranks in the search engine result pages, they are more likely to get targeted traffic to their websites.

There are plenty of SEO tools on the web that can be used to duplicate the existing content of your website. These SEO tools have been designed to copy the entire content from any website that can be used to populate any newly developed website. Synonymizing is yet another way of plagiarizing. This is the process of changing words of each page with the help of some specially designed SEO content writing tools so that the original SEO content writer is not able to trace that.

While stealing SEO content from other sites, the SEO content plagiarists hardly think of the consequences they will have to face following the infringement of copyright protection acts. There are affordable SEO content writing packages available by many SEO content service providers. Only original content can help your website become Google friendly and drive quality traffic in huge volume to your website. Hence, let’s say NO to SEO Content Plagiarism.


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