Title- The True Reflection Of Good Content

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Title is the introduction to any article. In other words, title talks about the topic of any article. It essentially tells the readers what the content is all about in a concise manner. A good title plays a vital role in captivating the fancy of viewers. On the first look, viewers usually check the title of any article. If the title is interesting enough to catch their fancy, then only they would prefer to go for the whole content. Hence no matter how good your content is, if the title is not fascinating, chances are that you might be losing potential readers.

Ever wondered how some titles sound so attractive while others sound just monotonous? For example, if one article is about Laptop, a simple title such as “benefits of laptop” won’t make your article stand out as there would be hundreds of articles written on the common title. There is no strategy on how to write good titles as it purely depends upon a person’s creativity. But certain common tips can be helpful. Avoid using junk conjunctive words such as “a” or “the”. You need to be at your creative best while naming a title for your article. Another important aspect to remember while entitling your article is that you should try to use keywords in the title of your article. However, the title shouldn’t look stuffed with keyword only. Keywords shouldn’t be used just for the heck of it- use of keyword in the title should look natural. If these minute things are taken care of, then you will come up with a unique and interesting title for your article.

A well-written and creative title has the potential to draw the attention of many discerning readers that usually tend to ignore articles named with bland titles. Hence, along with writing good content for your website and its promotion, you should also ensure that the content should carry an eye-catching title. However, writing titles is easier said than done, especially when you are writing a number of articles on the similar theme. Hence, you will need the assistance of professional SEO content writers who are equipped with the experience and expertise to churn out not only quality content but also attention-grabbing titles that will potentially draw critical traffic to your websites.


Optimising Keyphrases in the Content

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Most people, these days, are using the Internet to search information about the products and services they require. The major search engines treat articles as the good source of information. And, how the search engines find these pages from the millions of webpages on the web? The answer is with the help of keywords used in the articles. Hence, it is a simple fact that how interesting your content may be, it is essential to integrate keywords or keyprhases into the content so that the search engines would able to find the page when a net user is using the key word or key phrases for the search.

Keyphrase is the term used for a multiple-word keyword. Single word keywords are branded keyword and are difficult to compete for, where as the multiple-word keywords or the keyphrases are less competitive. Visitors prefer to use multiple search terms to make their search more specific and hence, if you make research for keyphrases that the visitors use more frequently, it can be more helpful as a search engine optimization strategy. If you are into online business and marketing your product and services through search engines, it is vital for you to have a successful keyphrase strategy. Keyphrase research becomes the first step of search engine optimization. However, it is important to use the keywords or keyphrases in the articles and blogs of the website. As “content is the king”, and there is no better way to promote your targeted keywords that using them in the website content and content for SEO campaign.

You need to care about balancing a perfect keyword density while developing content for your website. An ideal keyword density in a webpage is 2-7%. However, it depends upon the skill of the SEO content writer how he integrates the keywords or keyphrases into the content.

Press Release Writing- An Important Tool For Link Building

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A press release or a news release as it’s called is nothing but simple statement carrying news about the schedule events or announcements of an organization. Press release writing is meant for online media distribution.

As more and more people are looking for online news to get information, there is a stiff competition among web sites to come on high ranks on search engines hunt. Along with quality SEO content writing, link building is an important tool to optimize your web page according to Search engine tools. And especially inbound links are vital to help in getting high ranks. There are different ways to increase link building such as by directory submission, article submission, blog submission and finally press release submission. Correctly optimized press release writing can build link equity. Press release writing can be used as an effective search engine optimisation marketing tool.

If you wonder how to write a press release, then no need to worry. Writing a press release is not that tricky only if one follows the standard format. Press releases should always contain relevant as well as noteworthy news concerning the organization. Writing quality press releases has its own advantage for your releases can be submitted on other relevant sites and this helps in more number of viewers which in turn generates high rank from search engine optimizer tools. If your news item is managed to be displayed by search engine biggies like Google and Yahoo, your website rank increases automatically without any effort.

Keywords are very important in any SEO content writing and Press release writing is also no exception. The selection of keyword should be based on extensive latest research. It should be mostly looked for yet less competitive. A keyword-rich content on press release is precious for your business. An appropriate keyword density level (between 3 to 8%) should be maintained. A correctly optimized press release ought to have keyword links in it which helps getting high ranks from search engines. While writing a press release, you should try to use keywords in backlinks (i.e. links back to your website). This is another way to promote your website.
After writing press releases, another important task is to submit these releases. You can send the text in form of mails to newspaper and web editors. However a more a more efficient way is to submit the press release writings into the online press release services for the search engines often spider those service sites. If your content is original and well written, the chances of getting high rankings by search engines are better.

After the press release is distributed among online media, make sure to publish the press release writing on your website and put them into an RSS feed, it will act as an endorsement to reach out to more number of viewers and a is considered as a smart move for optimisation purpose. Optimised press release writing will coerce your potential clients which in turn will help increasing your business.

SEO Content Plagiarism: A Growing Cyber Crime

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If you are an SEO content writer, remember the number of sleepless nights you have spent fearing your content gets stolen by content thieves. Whereas content plagiarism has evolved as the greatest crime in the cyberworld, more and more SEO content writers are becoming victims of SEO content plagiarists who steal content and use them for their own benefits.

Most of the content plagiarists are amateur SEO content writers who have little or no knowledge about SEO content writing. Online businesses are on boom these days and people use plagiarised content to set up their websites and make money. With the intent of making easy money and cutting corners with SEO content guidelines to compete with stronger SEO content writing companies, the content plagiarists barely think of hiring professional SEO content writers to develop original, innovative and quality content for their websites and SEO campaigns. Blog posts, small articles are the most commonly stolen stuff- they are the proven ways of driving traffic. And, if some SEO content plagiarists use the content of a website that is indexed by Google and gets good ranks in the search engine result pages, they are more likely to get targeted traffic to their websites.

There are plenty of SEO tools on the web that can be used to duplicate the existing content of your website. These SEO tools have been designed to copy the entire content from any website that can be used to populate any newly developed website. Synonymizing is yet another way of plagiarizing. This is the process of changing words of each page with the help of some specially designed SEO content writing tools so that the original SEO content writer is not able to trace that.

While stealing SEO content from other sites, the SEO content plagiarists hardly think of the consequences they will have to face following the infringement of copyright protection acts. There are affordable SEO content writing packages available by many SEO content service providers. Only original content can help your website become Google friendly and drive quality traffic in huge volume to your website. Hence, let’s say NO to SEO Content Plagiarism.

Units of Knowledge: Google’s Wikipedia competitor addresses accountability issues

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What makes the Internet an abundant source of information is the fact you can access to virtually any information on the World Wide Web. This is possible because the Internet also enables its users to share their knowledge with their fellow-users by writing articles, blogs and offering other useful content to the searchers on the Internet. This wonderful sharing of knowledge on a common platform has made the Internet increasingly popular among a wide range of the Internet users across the Web.

When you talk about accessing information on the Internet, we can barely ignore the search engines, especially Google, that facilitate the process of sharing knowledge on the Internet. Wikipedia, a free, multilingual, open content encyclopaedia project operated by the United States-based non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, tremendously helps its users to gain access to critical information which further helps in the evolvement of other Research and Development material. Wikipedia has garnered immense popularity across the web searchers since it offers active and unpaid participation of users for sharing knowledge by making useful entries. However, many experts and specialists have long been debating on the wisdom of Wikipedia to allow the free participation of the Internet users.

Knol the latest innovative knowledge sharing tool from Google and a new competitor to Wikipedia, has come live on the Internet. It has made an attempt to create a credible and user-friendly online encyclopaedia by filling in the blanks left by Wikipedia’s more community-oriented approach to disseminating information. Knol, entitled to represent “a unit of knowledge’ has aimed to create an online reference library that people contribute to- but it represents a significant departure from Wikipedia, so far the dominant source for information on subjects as disparate as Einstein and the riot Grrl movement.

A key difference between the Wikipedia model and Knol is that while Wikipedia is ad-free and contributions are unpaid, the author of a Knol entry will have the opportunity to support his article with ads and earn money from them. Google’s rationale is creating this model is clear: it hopes to encourage more people to contribute. More importantly, while Wikipedia depends on collective contributions fro anonymous users on a specific topic to maintain an entry, Knol encourages signed contributions from experts. Wikipedia’s model has drawn flak on account of how easy it is to manipulate the entries, affecting the accuracy of information available from that website. But Google will verify the identities of the people who write articles on Knol, thus introducing some accountability.

It would be premature to suggest that the days of collaborative, community-driven, user-generated content are about to be over. But there does seem to be greater demand for edited information vetted by professionals. Wikipedia exemplifies all that can go wrong with the faulty information available so easily on the Web. For all the stuff that it gets right, Wikipedia finds itself involved in dust-ups over inaccuracies of having to lock controversial entries. Knol might provide a way to address the problems of an open platform like Wikipedia while leaving enough room for user participation.

Hitting the World of Online Marketing through SEO Copywriting

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Do you think your online business is not getting the response you require? Is your website getting the sufficient number of hits from your potential customer? If you think the answers to these questions are ‘yes’ then there is a big loophole in your process of promoting your business. It might not be getting the right exposure in the search engines. If this is the reason, the only solution to the problem is promoting you website with the SEO articles that can give your website maximum visibility in the search engines. SEO copy writing enables your website get prominence and a good SEO copywriter can bring the difference in the performance of the website in the field of online marketing.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the technique of writing good value, readable content for the website using proper density of keywords and keyword phrases to provide information to the visitors. The main purpose is to help the website rank high in the search engines for a specific search term. It is a crucial part of search engine optimization of a website. Hence, SEO requires professional SEO content writers who have adequate knowledge of SEO and website promotion.

Why you need a user-friendly SEO copy writing?

As content is the only way one can get maximum visitors and back links to a website. It is due to the content that a page gets ranked in the search engines. But sometimes it is found that though your page is coming in a top rank and getting visitors you are not getting enough customers. It is due to the fact that you don’t have relevant SEO-friendly content for your support.

A quality and SEO-friendly content ensures that you will get more traffic and persuade them to make dealings at you site. An expert SEO copywriter has the potential to develop the content with keywords and keyword phrases to produce good result. Most of the SEO copywriters believe in keyword stuffing. But credibility and appealing content counts a lot in SEO copywriting.

What an SEO copywriting can do for your website?

SEO copy writing is the process of developing a content using the targeted keyword of the page. If a website is being optimized with SEO friendly content everytime it is sure that the website is going to rank high and retain to that position for longer and also can create a lasting impact in the mind of the readers.

SEO copywriters develop the content according to the requirements of the website and search engines. They can provide creative and informative content with smooth flow of keywords and thoughts. The online market, where competition is among millions and billions of website, needs professional SEO copywriting services for prominence of website which eventually turns to better sales and high return on investment.

As you know the importance of SEO copywriting for your website you should select a professional and reliable SEO copywriting service. The SEO content writers should know strategic writing and techniques of SEO. After all you are going to make you visible among online competitors!

Effective SEO Copy Writing Is More than The Content

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There is a significant role of search engine optimization in making a website successful in online business. The more the number of visitors the more is the profit. The bottom line is that it is the visitors turning into customers who are important. And when an online marketer wants to earn big bucks, he needs to increase the number of hits to his website and attract the potential customers. But the target can be achieved only when there is strategic and convincing copy on the website. To sum it up, strategically designed and powerful content is the key to retain the position in the online business. That is why SEO copywriting is one of the most demanding services these days.

There are so many things includes in the SEO copy writing while writing for the website. No doubt content should be effective and powerful enough to convince the visitors. The important thing is it should give the information that the web users are looking for. Effective copywriting does not necessarily means wordy text, but something that is easy to read and understand. The information that is easily gained and absorbed only can create a long lasting effect in the mind of the readers. Regular update of the content is an essential part of content optimization. Search engines love new and updated content and this also encourages the visit of web visitors to your site regularly increasing traffic.

Apart from content, the Meta tags are most essential and must to be optimized to make a search engine friendly webpage, ultimately enhancing the hits to the website. Title tag is the important part of a webpage. Both the search engine and web users take it to be a primary concern. After getting a search engine result pages the visitors only click those links whose title they found to be interesting. Search engines also look for the titles first while a particular keyword is entered. Hence, the page title needs to be effective, relevant to the content of the page and should contain the most important keywords of the page. An ideal page title should be of 60-80 characters. A description tag is equally crucial for a webpage because the hits to any webpage depend largely upon the description. Description tag gives a brief account of the text of the page. Visitors will choose the links from the search engine result pages that are relevant and fulfill there requirements. Same is the importance of keyword tags and Alt tags. Although SEO copywriting is a difficult task, developing Meta tags also is a thing of great responsibility. And the skill of SEO services lies in use of targeted keyword of the page in all these Meta tags.

As the content of a webpage, Meta tags are also responsible for driving visitors to the website and the increasing frequency of their visits. They also help in creating a secured rank for the webpage in the search engine result pages. The SEO copywriter should be efficient to develop all the Meta tags along with the content of the page because together they all are responsible for the rank of the webpage.

Be Particular While Choosing Your SEO service provider

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Online marketing is based on the search engine optimization that you perform on your website. But being an owner of a business you can hardly get time to work on your site and hence, it is obvious that you have to depend on any online marketing agency to perform the SEO work for your website and give it a perfect direction for marketing. A careful business would take a serious look before selecting any SEO service provider because the service provider will be responsible for the success of online business.

Select the company basing on the past performance and success. There are several newly emerging companies, but the company you choose should have experience and expertise with a strong team. You can search for the right company on the web and look for the history and past achievements. You can even ask for the testimonials of some other clients and verify them. They should know the latest SEO techniques and changing algorithm of Google.

In the process of searching the best SEO service provider you may get many companies who will assure you instant success in search engines. If you have basic SEO knowledge, you can understand that no one can get a high search engine ranking instantly unless he is following some black hat techniques. They are doing all this things for cheap publicity or earning money immediately. But you should know that no one can achieve success for a long time pursuing unethical techniques. So, select the SEO service provider that is into white hat SEO.

Before selecting any SEO service provider, plan out your budget. There are many affordable service providers offering packages suitable for our pocket. Select the one that is suitable for your business.

As your online business is in the hand of you SEO service provider, it has to understand the market for your product and services. It can plan accordingly and target the potential customers. Consult the SEO service provider about how they are going to handle your project. Knowledge of selecting targeted keyword is important for any SEO company.

A reliable SEO service provider will not stop with giving your website a high rank in search engines. Rather, it will work continuously to help the website retain the position for longer and perform online business.

Moreover, you should realize that SEO firms will not take the advantages of the loopholes that the search engines have. Take the best care of this point as search engines are getting smarter and using latest technologies to find out any unethical practice. Any manipulation in this matter and your website is penalized- may be for a long term. So be careful while selecting the SEO service provider.

All You Wanted To Know About SEO Content Writing Service Packages

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Search engine optimization is increasingly becoming a rage in the recent times. More and more businessmen around the world are investing in the websites and their promotion. However, there are a few who do not understand the importance of content well enough. I have seen many of my business partners investing thousands of dollars in improving the designing of a website. But when it comes to the content, they pay little attention to it. As a matter of fact, many webmasters do not understand the hidden dynamics of search engine optimization or content on their websites.

It is wise to make a small investment in some content writing packages so that your website visitors will have something to read on your websites. It is not surprising to find many websites that are cluttered with pictures of the products, images and even Google adsense. Search engine like Google never like websites that have no or very little content on them. Google and other popular search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and AltaVista have their respective criteria for ranking websites. However, content is on thing that has topped the priority list among all the factors considered by the search engine algorithms of these major web search engines.

If a website doesn’t have any content on it, it shouldn’t be surprised to find it unranked or even uncrawled by the search engine bots. The only way a webmaster can ensure that his website is visited by major search engine crawlers on a regular basis is the content. That’s why many foresighted webmasters subscribe to the affordable content writing packages offered by many SEO companies in India. If you are serious about watching your website soar higher in the SERPs of various search engines, then your second step after designing a website should be subscribing to some SEO content writing packages from a lowcost website content service provider.

You can search for website content service providers on Google, and it could be a little interesting for you to see that different content service providers would charge differently. Usually, the charges of web content writing packages would vary dramatically depending on the quality and experience of the service provider. However, nobody knows the products and services of your business better than you. Hence, you should decide which web content writing packages would suit your need the best. If you want to start off wary, then it would be advisable to tread cautiously by subscribing to small and affordable content writing packages offered by an SEO service provider. You can upgrade their content writing packages service once you are sure and satisfied with the quality of the service provider.

Moreover, there are different rates for different types of content service offered by a web content service provider. For instance, if you are looking for an affordable website content service provider to write content for your website, its prices could be much higher as compared to the articles writing services offered by the SEO content service provider. Similarly, blogs and press releases have different prices as well. However, to begin with, you should subscribe to a small and affordable web content writing packages and move further accordingly.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Writing Press releases

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What Is A Press Release?
A press release, which is also called as a news release, is simply a statement containing important events or announcements of your organization and is meant for online media distribution. The events could be about product promotion, new service launch, sales target accomplishments or even any scheduled company merger. Press releases are a must for promotional work so that your organization can reach to a large number of viewers. Hence, it is really essential to know how to write a press release. Writing press releases is no rocket science- all you need is to do is remember a few guidelines on how to write a press release. Here are a few tips that can make writing a press release an easy affair.

Steps For Writing Press Releases
For starters, Writing press releases can be a tricky affair but only if you don’t know the customized rules. Press releases are always written in a standard format. It is ideal to write press release in company’s letterhead. If that is not viable, then paper containing press release ought to have company’s logo.

The word PRESS RELEASE should be typed in block letters and should be on the centre of the page. All info regarding the name of the company, its location, website address, Email ID and contact numbers such as telephone numbers, FAX numbers should be typed clearly underneath the bold typing. The press release contact person’s name and contact info should be present immediately below this. If the press release is meant for IMMEDIATE RELEASE, mention so in block letters on the left margin just beneath the contact person’s info.

One of the most important components of press releases is the Title. Title should be always in simple present tense and the proper nouns should be used. It should be brief yet captivating to grab the attention of the journalists.

The body of press release should begin with the date and place from which press release is meant to be published. The first two lines of first paragraph of the body should represent the detail purpose of press release in a concise but appealing way. The ideal approach is to start the body with the basic five Ws and one H such as who, what, where, when, why and how respectively.

Real facts relating to the press release should be put in the second paragraph of the body. It should contain information regarding where to find the actual news, whom to contact, when the scheduled event is going to happen etc. A personal quote by a prominent person related to the company is worth a lot for mentioning in press release. Press release writing can be boring, however if you offer a personal touch to your writing, it would bind your readers till the end of your topic.

The ideal length for writing a Press release should be within a page or two and they should be double-spaced. The detailed information about the organization should be present below the detailed content. The title for this section should be ABOUT XYZ (i.e. the name of your company) COMPANY. After title the information about your company, its core business areas and policies, accomplishments should be promoted in a brief paragraph. In the end, mention your company website URL link as promotion.

The # symbols indicate the end of press release.